Bout of Books: Day Three


We’re almost halfway thru Bout of Books now and I definitely lost some steam today. While I got a lot of work done today, I didn’t get so much reading done. Also, it was my mother-in-law’s birthday party and those usually end up with me not being able to sneak away to read. I need to learn to become invisible.


Today’s challenge was hosted by Rebecca at Ranty Runt of a Reader and she gave us two options for this challenge, The Rainbow Challenge. I chose the first option, which was to take a picture of covers, you guessed it, as the colors of the rainbow.


Reading Update

Like I said before, I didn’t get much reading done. Maybe a few more pages into Carrie Brownstein’s book, but not much more than that. In my defense, there was some Teen Wolf to watch when I got home. Mmm. Werewolves.

Happy Day Three of #boutofbooks!



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